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Where to find asbestos LURKING on your campus...

Mon, Oct 4th 2021 01:00 pm

It's back to school time, so break out those text books, sharpen your pencils and be aware of the potential hazards hiding on your projects! If you work on a school campus, you’ll want to ensure you have identified and are properly managing asbestos and other hazards in the building. Asbestos is actually so prevalent in schools that the U.S. government created a separate set of regulations in 1986 to protect children and school employees. The Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) requires K-12 schools to inspect buildings for asbestos-containing materials, make asbestos management plans and take action to prevent and reduce asbestos exposure risks.

Although AHERA was enacted in the late 1980s, asbestos remains a problem in schools. Some of the areas on your campus may seem obvious to have tested. But we’ve seen it all! Below are some of the not-so-obvious places to check for harmful materials.

Science Room

  • Drying racks
  • Cementitious (Transite) sinks
  • Hood vent liners

Theater / Auditorium

  • Stage curtains
  • Stage wiring


  • Wall safety cushion adhesive
  • Gym flooring sleepers on bedding and vapor barriers


  • Asbestos lumber
  • Lightweight concrete roof deck

Mechanical Systems

  • Arc Shields
  • Fuse covers

Remember, before any maintenance or construction occurs on your campus always call a certified hazardous materials investigator to make sure the materials you’re altering aren’t going to expose building inhabitants to harmful contaminants. 

Your best route is to review the whole building asbestos inspection to help determine if a laborer can fix it or if a certified asbestos professional needs to perform the work required.  Without an inspection, general maintenance could cause a disturbance that would cost significant money to clean up and possibly expose occupants to asbestos fibers.