Susanne Kelley


Susanne Kelley has managed this full-service environmental consulting firm since its founding in 2000.  As an Environmental Consultant and Laboratory Analyst with substantial field experience, Ms. Kelley plans, develops and establishes the policies and objectives that drive the success of Sienna.  She provides oversight and direction for all company operations including guidance for management personnel. She has more than 20 years of experience in conducting environmental inspections, project oversight and monitoring, laboratory analysis, remediation project design, and Indoor Air Quality Management. She is a valued member of the Buffalo community and has garnered many accolades for her work both in Environmental Consulting as well as in the community at large. Her own high performance standards have established Sienna as a valued consultant throughout the region with many ongoing client relationships. 

Joseph Pastore

Operations Manager

Joseph Pastore is the Operations Manager at Sienna Environmental Technologies and serves as the Primary Point of Contact for projects. Mr. Pastore oversees all of Sienna's operations, from Contract Initiation through Construction Administration. He is responsible for personnel training and developing Sienna's Standard Operating Procedures. Mr. Pastore has over 10 years of experience as a Project Manager and Field Supervisor. In addition to his managerial experience, he has succeeded in his roles as Health and Safety Officer, Environmental Consultant and Technician.

Ellen Moffat, SP, PMP

Business Manager

Ellen Moffat oversees the day to day operations of Sienna, assists the President with contract management, financial planning, analysis and policies. She develops accounting practices and oversees Sienna’s HR systems. Ellen reviews statistical, financial, accounting and auditing reports and tables pertaining to expenditures.

Eric Rayner

Senior Project Manager

As Senior Project Manager, Mr. Rayner manages the coordination and overall integration of technical activities in Sienna’s projects. He directs, reviews, and approves changes for the Design and Commissioning team’s projects. Mr. Rayner conducts meetings with clients to ensure understanding and completion of work scope. He identifies regulated and hazardous materials that propose a risk to building occupants during regular operations and/or construction activities and prepares remedial design documents to reduce or eliminate the risk of contamination within the building and during regulated materials transport.

Steve Drozdowski

Environmental Health and Safety Department Manager

Mr. Drozdowski oversees the health and safety aspect of projects. As the EH+S manager, he has extensive knowledge of OSHA, particularly the 29 CFR 1910 General Industry and the 29 CFR 1926 Construction Regulations. With over 40 years’ experience in environmental health and safety, as well as engineering, Mr. Drozdowski conducts site health and safety visits, and provides EH+S training and consulting to clients. He also oversees on-site safety and construction representatives, remedial investigations and environmental site assessment projects.

Carson Cain

Laboratory Technical Director

As a skilled analytical scientist, Carson brings to Sienna a high level of quality assurance capabilities. Carson uses his extensive laboratory experience to maintain the highest possible standards for quality and accuracy in the analysis of samples in Sienna's laboratory. His excellent technical, communication, organizational, and interpersonal skills give him the ability to liaison with clients regarding laboratory matters in a timely and dependable manner.

John Lutz, RLA, LEED AP

Project Manager

As a Project Manager, Mr. Lutz serves our clients by administering projects and contracts. Mr. Lutz is a LEED Accredited Professional, and he provides professional expertise for the Design and Commissioning teams of projects. He also provides training and support to junior staff members. Mr. Lutz has over ten years' experience as a Construction Site Representative, with emphasis on team collaboration, site development, construction management, environmental restoration, brownfield redevelopment, and public engagement. He also has experience in design oversight, project scoping, construction document and cost reviews, and regulatory compliance.

Sean Fitzgerald

Project Manager

As a Project Manager, Mr. Fitzgerald serves as the liaison between the building owner representative, architectural engineering clients, and Sienna employees.  He is responsible for the design of remediation projects, including:  writing technical specifications and site specific variance applications and preparing AutoCAD drawings for abatement projects. Mr. Fitzgerald has performed building inspections for asbestos, PCB sealants and other regulated compounds, as well as conducting project monitoring and air sampling services for clients. He is also experienced in conducting Phase I and II environmental assessments and indoor air quality testing and investigation.