Washington Mills

Founded in 1868, Washington Mills was the first industrial abrasive producer in the United States. Based out of Grafton, Massachusetts, the company has grown over the years with the production of electrically fused materials, which fueled its expansion geographically. In 1986 the acquisition of three facilities from The Carborundum Company brought it to Niagara Falls, New York. 

In 2001, the partial acquisition of The Exolon Company bolstered its Western New York presence with a facility in Tonawanda, New York. These acquisitions brought with them the acquisition of each facility's industrial history.

Sienna's scope of work included:

• Inspection for Hazardous Materials

• Project Design for Site Specific Variance Applications

• Project Monitoring

• Air Sampling

• Laboratory Analysis of Air Samples by Phase Contrast Microscopy

• Environmental Consulting

Sienna has been proud to work with Washington Mills as it expanded its modern production capabilities on these historic industrial sites. Over several years and various projects, we have provided Environmental Investigation services to Washington Mills through Asbestos Inspections, Project Design and Variance applications, as well as abatement Project Monitoring and Air Sampling.