Richmond and Ferry Church

 Buffalo, New York

The Richmond and Ferry Church recently underwent extensive renovations to transform a chapel structure along W. Ferry Street.

In February of 2014, 467 Richmond Avenue LLC purchased the property for $170,000 from Alleyway Theater, whom had been trying to raise $2.4 million to complete its arts center vision. The 24,000 square foot structure was to feature a 600 seat concert hall, a 99 seat theater, meeting rooms, rehearsal halls, artist studios, offices, classrooms, a banquet facility, and exhibit gallery. Nearly $1.5 million dollars had been raised to fund a number of improvements.

Renovations have included:  completion of all interior demolition, installation of metal stud walls, upgrade of heating, plumbing, and electrical systems, installation of a new elevator, two new ground level entryways, two new steel stair cases, new roof section and loft windows in the central stairwell, new basement waterproofing system, new sidewalks, curbs and blacktop, landscaping/seeding, incidental roof repairs, installation of a new fire alarm system, and theater equipment has been purchased for the building.

Sienna worked with 467 Richmond Avenue, LLC and provided the following scope of work:

  • Asbestos and Microbial Inspection
  • Lead-based Paint X-Ray Florescence Inspection
  • Sampling for PCB's
  • Emergency Asbestos Project Variance Preparation Services