Buffalo Community Centers

The Buffalo Community Centers, located in Buffalo, New York, underwent extensive renovations to transform a dozen of its buildings. 

These projects included capital improvements at many of the community centers that offer programs that lift up and assist senior citizens, low-income families, and those who need additional tutoring, job training or health services.

JFK, North Buffalo, NorthWest, TJ Dulski, Matt Urban and Polonia Hall Community Centers were among the buildings in which Sienna assisted in the scope of work to help make this project a reality. 

The cost for renovations at the Buffalo Community Centers was $8.1 million. Mayor Byron Brown stated, "Funds were distributed in such a way that will make each dollar go as far as it can, improving the quality of life for our residents.  Investing in these facilities makes sense, offering a safe and updated outlet for young people, while improving the sites and programs to enhance the experience for all city residents, including our senior citizens."

Electrical, plumbing, and roadwork updates and enhancements are a few more of the alterations that occurred as part of these projects.

Sienna provided the following scope of work for this project: 

  • Asbestos Abatement Design
  • Project Monitoring & Air Sampling
  • Asbestos & Lead Inspections
  • PCM Laboratory Analysis for Fibers in the Air