PeroxyChem Soil Sampling

PeroxyChem is a global company with a focus in peroxygen and adjacent chemistries. Their Tonawanda, New York plant manufactures persulfate and peracetic acid-based products for use in environmental remediation; oil and gas production; polymers and chemical synthesis; electronics; and pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. As part of the company's initiative to minimize their environmental impact, the Tonawanda plant utilizes renewable hydroelectric power. 

In anticipation of the construction of a wastewater treatment plant outside of their persulfate factory, Sienna was retained by PeroxyChem to provide soil sampling prior to site excavation. The scope of work entailed the collection of multiple soil borings followed by the physical inspection of the samples off-site by a geologist. The chemical composition of the samples were analyzed by an accredited laboratory. The soil sampling was performed in order to provide soil characterization for the eventual landfill disposal of the excavated material. If contaminated, the excavated material would require special, more expensive disposal methods.

Sienna's staff coordinated the boring locations with the Owner's facilities manager to avoid the site's numerous underground utilities. Sienna oversaw that the borings followed the sampling map, maintained the chain of custody document, directed the consolidation of soil to create composite samples, and delivered the composite samples to the accredited analytical laboratory. Based on the laboratory's analysis, the sampled soil appeared non-hazardous and could be disposed as a solid waste. Sienna provided PeroxyChem with a final report which included a summary of the laboratory results as well as environmental monitoring guidelines during the excavation.


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