Steuben Foods

Steuben Foods, located in Elma, New York, underwent extensive renovations to add three new filling lines to produce aseptic and extend shelf life products to allow products to be stored for prolonged periods without refrigeration.

Steuben Foods is one of the largest aseptic and extended shelf life food production facilities in North America, capable of producing up to 20 million cases of product annually. The Company partners with food companies and equipment manufacturers in an effort to maximize technological advances in aseptic processing and packaging options.

This $26 million project involved the purchase and installation of new machinery and equipment, including high speed bottling filling systems, tanks, pipes, and conveyors necessary to establish new filling operations. The project was designed to increase manufacturing output by more than 50%. 

Steuben has also invested an additional $30 million for plant and process infrastructure and product line improvements necessary to accommodate the new filling machinery and equipment. The project is estimated to have retained 426 jobs and created 150 new jobs for the area.

Sienna provided the following scope of work for this project:

  • Facility-Wide Asbestos Inspection
  • Polarized Light & Transmission Electron Microscopy Analysis of Bulk Samples
  • Project Monitoring & Air Sampling
  • PCM Laboratory Analysis for Fibers in Air
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