Collegiate Village Apartments

The Collegiate Village Apartments, located on the Buffalo-Cheektowaga border, recently underwent extensive renovations to transform its buildings into modern living space for college students. The gated community features fitness center, a movie theater, lodge, pool and much more.

The property has been owned by Chason Affinity Companies for 60 years. A the buildings began to age, the company decided it was time to reinvent the complex for the future. Collegiate Village has the capacity to house more than 1,300 students from six nearby schools.

The company also agreed to set aside 25 units for low income tenants. The apartments are still affordable for students, ranging from $600 to $800 a month.

Sienna provided the following scope of work for various projects at the facility: 

  • Pre-Renovation Asbestos Inspection
  • Lead-Based Paint Inspection
  • Project Monitoring & Air Monitoring
  • Laboratory Analysis for Fibers in Air by PCM
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