SUNY Buffalo State- SUCF Elevator Rehabilitation

The elevator rehabilitation project managed by the campus encompassed a group of elevators that based on their history needed rehabilitation to extend their useful life and provide more reliable service. Elevators on campus are from a variety of manufacturers, both hydraulic and traction, and had been modified at various times over their life cycles. Based on the results of an elevator study performed by the Architect, Sienna was contracted to perform a comprehensive hazardous materials inspection of several elevators planned for rehabilitation, and to assist the campus and architect to design the remediation of the elevators.

The elevators that required hazardous materials abatement were located in Moot, Campbell, Twin Rise, Sports Arena, Donald Savage, Rockwell, Ketchum, Clinton Center and Chase buildings.

Services provided:

  • Hazardous Materials Inspection for Asbestos, PCB Oils, and Lead-Based Paint

  • Abatement Design