Lewis County Development Corporation - Lyons Falls Pulp & Paper Mill

Sienna provided environmental investigation of the ancillary structures on the Lyons Falls Paper Mill site. The site encompasses a 9.4 acre parcel with various historical mill structures remaining, including; wood processing buildings, a pulp and paper mill, warehouse space, associated office areas, maintenance shops, and a boiler / steam plant. A few of the sites’ buildings are still in use as storage and warehouse space, while the majority of the site exists in varying states of disrepair. The Paper Mill site is located along the Moose River in Lewis County, NY. It was operational from 1894 until 2001 when it was decommissioned. The Development Authority of the North Country, the Lewis County Development Corporation purchased redeveloped the site as an industrial business park.

Sienna’s investigation was conducted as part of the inventory of ancillary structures and provided an environmental assessment and budget estimate for the remediation of hazardous materials necessary to complete the planned demolition scope of work. Currently, the ancillary structures include small buildings or sheds, concrete foundations and slabs, aboveground tanks and process equipment, above ground piping and conduit, steel frames and pipe supports, stacks and ductwork, concrete dikes, retaining walls and stacks scattered throughout the property. Demolition of the ancillary structures will be essential to opening up much of the mill yard for redevelopment.

Services provided:

  • Asbestos Inspection
  • Lead-based Paint Inspection
  • Abatement Work Plan
  • Site Specific Variance Preparation
  • Abatement Air Sampling
  • Laboratory Analysis for Fibers in Air by PCM
  • Abatement Project Monitoring