Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda UFSD - Capital Improvement Projects

The Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda Union Free School District has undergone multiple phases of a Capital Improvement Project which included district-wide renovations and removal of associated hazardous materials from school and administration buildings. Sienna served as a prime contractor to the school district for the various phases of the project.

Since 2010, Sienna has provided the following services: asbestos, lead and PCB inspection and sampling services, air sampling and project monitoring services, laboratory analysis of air samples, environmental project design, site specific variance preparation and mold investigation services. Sienna provided these environmental services for the following schools within the Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda Union Free School District: Herbert Hoover Elementary and Middle School, Charles Lindbergh Elementary School, Benjamin Franklin Elementary School, Kenmore Middle School, Kenmore East High School, Kenmore West High School and Oliver Wendell Holmes Elementary. Sienna worked closely with district personnel and Campus Construction Management Group, the construction management firm, to approach each of these projects individually, and to maintain the safety and health of all students and staff who learn and work in these buildings.

Services provided:

  • Asbestos Inspection
  • Lead-based Paint Inspection
  • Mold Investigation
  • PCB Exterior Caulk / Sealant Inspection
  • CADD Drafting
  • Site Specific Variance Preparation
  • Specification Writing
  • Abatement Air Sampling
  • IAQ Air Sampling
  • Laboratory Analysis for Fibers in Air by PCM
  • Industrial Hygiene Sampling
  • Construction Administration
  • Project Monitoring