Corpus Christi Roman Catholic Church - Catholic Diocese of Buffalo

The Corpus Christi Roman Catholic Church, located on Clark Street in Buffalo, New York, first appeared on the National Register of Historic Places in 2007. The awe-inspiring church interior, featuring some of the finest ecclesiastical art in the city, has 11,000 light bulbs illuminating the sanctuary. The beauty and magnificence of Corpus Christi Church is something that can only truly be appreciated in person.

Renovations included the 8,000-pound cupola being removed from the north tower of the East Side landmark. Also, steel, wood planking, copper sheathing, and fabrication of ornamental work had to be done, as well as replacing the old masonry to accommodate the setting of the new dome.

Services provided:

  • Abatement Air Sampling

  • Laboratory Analysis for Fibers in Air by PCM

  • Project Monitoring