General Motors Powertrain Tonawanda Engine Plant

The General Motors Powertrain Tonawanda Engine Plant is located next to the Niagara River in Buffalo, New York. Beyond manufacturing, the location also boasts a wildlife sanctuary and has been a repeat achiever with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's ENERGY STAR program. It was one of three General Motors plants in Western New York chosen to be part of a $334 million upgrade. This investment has allowed for major improvements throughout the facility. Additionally, over 60 new jobs have been created and over 1100 existing jobs have been retained.

Prior to the start of renovations, Sienna was contracted to inspect eight buildings at the GM Powertrain facilities for asbestos-containing materials. Confined Space Entry and Heavy Equipment Machinery Operation safety procedures were reviewed by Sienna, GHD, and the Facility prior to utilization. Independent safety professionals were contracted to provide rescue procedures in compliance with OSHA safety standards.

As a part of the inspection for asbestos-containing materials, Sienna collected suspect bulk materials for analysis. All findings were documented and reported for the facility's use in procuring competitive bids. Due to the deteriorated conditions of some of the structures and the requirements of the facility, extensive safety training and protocols were implemented to ensure the well-being of all workers on site. Furthermore, Sienna's findings helped determine the proper containment and disposal procedures for asbestos-containing materials on site.

Sienna performed the following tasks for this project: 

  • Asbestos Inspection & Sampling
  • Review of Job Hazard Analysis
  • Confined Space Entry & Heavy Equipment Machinery Operation
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